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a performance with Isla Craig at "Nuit Blanche Devereux"(2012)

a performance with Ridd Mushin at "Josephine Foster & Victor Herrero Residency at Halo Halo Village"

"The Red Ghost" perfomance Alexis-Abram at "GHOST HOLE Ⅲ"

"The Red Ghost" with Zoe Alexis-Abram at "coexisDance"

a performance with Zoe Alexis-Abram at "coexisDance"(2012)

a performance with Steve Ward at somewhere there (2012)

TOTAL PANIC (2010), Zeesy Powers. Photograph by Gallery TPW

A Lexicomical Art Experience @ Studio 102 2011

                                           maasa + minae omi performance @ double double land in kensington market

photo shoot by cylla von teideman

ANAEQ live @ Teranga 2009
Shadow Play filmed by Dahye Bell Kim 2009

Video show by David M Hans @ Double Double Land 2009

TOMORROW TODAY ALARM CLOCK at Gibsone Jessop Gallery in the Distillery Historic District 2009

PERIPHERAL REDUNDANCE the other in the every day @ Deleon White Gallery  2009

Primary Colors's Event @ Function 13 2009
Wasshoy @ the boat in Kensington market 2009

photo,make-up by Taca Ozawa / styling by Daijiro Hama

Halo Halo Exibition and fundraiser @ 401 Richmond Urban Gallery  2009
ashes and snow from study We @ 80 Winchester Street Theater 2009

the record of Adrenalin @ Annex Sengawa Factory 2006