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Minae Omi was born in Japan , Tokyo .
Minae began dancing at the young age of three, taking ballet classes, after that she continued training all different styles of Dancing such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, Modern Dance. In 2002, Minae was introduced to Miyako Kato and found the world of contemporary dance. Minae has been performing in the dance company which is called Miyako Kato Dance Space since 2004. also She presented some of her own choreographic works in the company's show. In 2007, Minae studied Butoh in a training program of the institute of Akira Kasai at Tenshi-kan in Tokyo. In 2009, Minae started the project, performing with the music band, ANAEQ (who is based in Toronto), as a dancer, an vocalist and an accompanist. Between 2009 to present, Minae collaborated with various artists, music bands based in Toronto. Minae is interested in exploring the relationship between multi-media art and the body in motions. Also Minae performed as a butoh dancer for the screening is called Toronto Premiere of Masaki Iwana’s Vermilion Soul for Toronto J-Films Pow-Wow, as well as for the dance event is called 24h of butoh –it’s not butoh-. Minae graduated from The School Of Toronto Dance Theatre in May, 2010.